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Three Public Relations Practices To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Your Washington DC based company has a brilliant marketing strategy and what you think should have been a successful advertising campaign that targeted the perfect market, but you gained zero new business.  Why?  Your public relations might need a boost.  PR is important to the effectiveness of your integrated marketing strategy and when done properly it cannot hurt your business…it can only help.  It is said that Bill Gates once stated, “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!”  This quote, speaks to the value public relations communication can add to your company’s growth. 

Effective Social Media Marketing From Adidas At The World Cup

Social Media Marketing

Even if you are not a soccer fan, you probably caught some degree of World Cup fever.  With team USA’s run in the tournament and their advancement to the knockout stage, the World Cup and soccer has received a lot of attention in this country since the event began on June 12th.

By the Numbers: Web Video is The Content King

Tips for Video Content

Editors note: This is a guest blog post written by one of’s subscribers. If you are interested in writing a blog for, then click here to learn more.

A web video on YouTube, or your website, needs to be part of your integrated marketing plan, not just a stylish branding element. A short, high-quality video, or better yet, a series of short videos, can actually lead clients to your site via search engines (enhanced SEO) and lead to sales.

How to Write and Distribute Your Press Release in Washington DC

Writing Press Releases

Is your Washington area business ready to communicate to the masses?  Well with more than 5 million people living and working in the Washington Metropolitan area that could be a real challenge.  However, with the right tools for writing press releases and access to the perfect Washington DC media contact list, communicating to the masses could be a breeze.

Is This a Business Fail or a Brilliant Marketing Strategy?

Fiat 500e Marketing Strategy

If you didn’t hear about this yet, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne has asked people to NOT buy one of his cars!  As an advertising and marketing website, we were naturally intrigued…and couldn’t help but wonder if this was just part of a brilliantly creative marketing strategy…or one of the biggest business fails in history.  Since we couldn’t remember anyone doing something like this before, we thought we would post the story to see what you think.

5 Essential Elements That Make Banner Ads Convert

Banner Ad That Converts

If you're developing an online marketing strategy or considering revamping an existing one, the question "Do banner ads work?" has undoubtedly came across your mind. If you keep up with the latest news in online marketing, there are varying answers to the question. For example, one of the ideas presented at the 2013 Content Marketing Summit is that banner ads are no longer relevant and should be replaced with content.

When Creating a Marketing Pitch, Do NOT Do What These Companies Did

When Creating a Pitch, Do NOT Do What These Companies Did

You work hard to develop prospects and leads and push them through your sales funnel. All of that effort comes down to the final moment when you make your pitch for the close. In today’s world, that pitch can be delivered in person, on a landing page, or through email. While each situation requires a bit of adjustment in your approach, this is the moment where you either land the sale or the customer gets away.

Recent Studies Confirm That Radio Advertising Delivers Strong ROI


As you work hard on developing the most effective integrated marketing plan, you should take some time to read two recently published articles by Nielsen that highlight the value of radio advertising in DC.

From Bus Stop to SmartPhone: How to Integrate Online and Offline Advertising in DC

Integrated Online and Offline

Integrating offline and online advertising takes a bit of work and creativity. However, the results are more than worth it. An integrated marketing plan has the potential to not only get more attention from potential clients but also increase your ad conversion rate.

How to Market to Teenagers via Social Media and Emerging Technology

describe the image

Editors Note:  The following article was written on Bring Your Child To Work Day.  Brittany Mills is a teenager who we asked to share her opinions about reaching her and her peers.  Integrated marketing plans are often built to reach multiple target audiences.  Today’s teenagers are quickly becoming tomorrow’s 20-30 year olds.  Their “media” consumption habits will continue to evolve, but you will see that how they use emerging technology is different than how 40-50 year olds do.  In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, that includes a social media plan, the information shared below should be helpful.

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