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What's a Good Click-Through Rate for my PPC Ad in DC?

Click Through Rate

An advertising campaign is all about return on investment (ROI), and your DC click-through rate will help you gauge your conversion rate, or the number of customers you draw in through ads. But you have to measure an ad’s effectiveness, and to do that, you need to know how to measure click-through rates.

How Public Relations Fits Into Your DC Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

Is your public relations plan as strong as your marketing strategy?  While strong and effective public relations communication is just as important to a company’s success as its marketing, many businesses still sweep the PR portion under the rug and never discuss it.  In fact, small and large DC area businesses do not have a public relations position, have never evaluated the public’s perception of their brand and have never thought about their PR plan.

10 LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn 10 best practices

We wanted to include an update to this article.  A young women who recently graduated from college attempted to connect with a business professional in the Cleveland area via LinkedIn.  The business professional denied her request to connect, but in her denial, took the time to write a strongly worded email response to the recent college graduate.  The story went viral with outrage and the business professional offered multiple apologies.  Click here to read more about this story.

5 Most Effective Marketing Strategies of the 21st Century

5 Most Effective Marketing Pitches of the 21st Century

Sometimes, a company's marketing strategy just sticks with you. They are memorable years or decades later. People talk about them as part of the nostalgia of their childhoods and they become a common pop culture reference for their time.

A Perfect Example of Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing washington dc

This is an update to this article origianlly posted on 12/11/13.  Today (4/8/14) The Washington Post reported that while the DC Bike Share program (Capital Bikeshare) "flourishes", the New York program (CitiBike) is "struggling".  The article we posted was less about profitability and all about the integrated marketing benefit Citibank was receiving.  However, the program needs to continue in order for Citi to receive the exposure they are counting on.  So now, profitability becomes a big part of the story.  Read the Washington Post story here

Important Information for Effective Washington DC’s Marketing Plans

Washington DC Marketing and Advertising Guide

Forbes has come out with their annual ranking of the 10 wealthiest counties in the U.S., and once again, the DC area sweeps the list.  The DC area has 6 of the top 10 wealthiest counties on the list.  That may sounds impressive on its own merit, but when you consider there are 3,144 counties in the U.S., it begins to demonstrate just how affluent this market is.

How to Make Your Integrated Marketing Plan Fun: April Fools’ Day

Creative Integrated Marketing

Over the years, April Fools’ Day has provided us with very entertaining marketing and creative advertising.  From the unveiling of new (fake) products, to special (fake) promotions, many large and small companies develop promotions that appear to be just possible enough that consumers believe it. 

The Ultimate List of Marketing Articles for Your DC Business

Washington DC Marketing Tips

Here at DC Marketing Pro, we pride ourselves on helping business owners and marketers with their most pressing marketing and advertising questions. Over the past year we've published and shared tons of articles and resources created specifically for those who advertise in the Washington DC area. 

The Marketing Psychology of an Effective Logo

Washington DC Marketing and Advertising

This is a follow up to our article posted last week about your logo being an important part of your integrated marketing strategy.

We just stumbled upon an article that highlights a common theme in all fast food logos.  Have you ever noticed that the logos of fast food companies all have a similar theme?

Introducing the Washington DC Marketing and Advertising Guide

Washington DC Advertising Guide

DC Marketing Pro is excited to provide DC area businesses with a resource to help them with their marketing and advertising.

Good marketing strategies begin with research and knowledge about your product, your target audience and the market you are advertising in.  That takes a lot of work, and sometimes you aren’t even sure where to start.

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