4 Keys to an Effective Marketing Positioning Statement

Posted by Skip Quast on February 25, 2013 at 5:49 PM

Successful salespeople are generally armed with washington DC marketing, Marketing, Washington DC advertising, advertising,positioning statement, positioning, emotional connectionan “elevator pitch,” a powerful explanation of their product or service given in the time it takes to ride an elevator.  When you think “elevator pitch,” you naturally tend to think more about “sales” than marketing.   However, marketing IS selling!

So in the same way that salespeople have an elevator pitch, successful companies need a “marketing pitch.” Think of a marketing pitch as a carefully worded positioning statement about your business.  An effective marketing pitch gives the prospect just enough info to pique their interest without giving too much detail.  Your goal is to leave them wanting more.  (“Really?  Tell me more about that...”

If your company doesn’t have a marketing pitch, start building one right now.  If you already have a marketing pitch, review it and see if there is a way to make it better.  In either situation, consider the following tips to ensure you have the most effective marketing pitch possible:

1.) Clear & Concise

Don’t use buzz words or acronyms that aren’t easy to understand.  Ideally, the entire statement should be no more than a line or two.  Anything more than 30 seconds begins to get lost.  Remember… less is best.  

2.) Powerful & Visual

Paint a short, yet powerful picture with words that brings your product to life and describes why clients like working with your company.  Create an emotional connection by using benefits, not features.  (Example:  Miller Lite Beer succeeded with “Great taste, Less Filling.”  It’s easy to understand and leaves the target with one simple thought: “It tastes good, and I don’t feel full after I drink it?  Sounds great to me.  I’m going to get one!”)

3.) Goal & Close

Begin with the end in mind.  What do you want the prospect or customer to do?  Do you want to set a meeting with them?  Do you want to leave an image of your product with them?  Do you want them to buy your product on the spot?  Everyone has a different goal.  Customize your marketing pitch based on the end result you are looking to achieve.

4.) Practice, Practice, Practice

Don’t wing it.  It’s important that your marketing pitch be conversational.  The more you practice, the more comfortable and convincing you will be in front of your prospect.

As I touched on above, some people believe you have no more than 30 seconds before you lose someone’s attention.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book Blink, however, the author claims people make decisions in the blink of an eye.  Either way, you have very little time to make an impact on and an emotional connection with your targets.  They are only going to take away ONE thing from your message, and it is most likely the thing they connect with emotionally.  So determine what that is and use it to make your marketing pitch powerful.

For more help on positioning, download our free eBook, The Marketing Strategy Model.  It is a step by step guide to creating an effective marketing strategy for your business.  There is a section dedicated just to positioning.  This guide is effective for businesses of all sizes.

Marketing Strategy Model

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