Use Brainstorming to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted by Matt Mills on March 18, 2013 at 12:09 PM

For Washington DC area businesses, continued Brainstorming, creative, Marketing Strategy, Washington DC marketing strategymarketing success requires a constant flow of new ideas and strategic thinking.  The biggest brands in the world have risen to the top via a consistent evolution of marketing ideas, campaigns and strategies... things that people had to think up.  And the best ideas come from effective brainstorming.

Two massive global brands – Budweiser and Coke–  have demonstrated this point over and over again.  Budweiser has utilized campaigns such as “Clydesdales,” “Frogs,” “Bud Bowl,” and “Whazzup” to deepen their brand in consumers’ minds.  Coca Cola’s iconic campaigns such as “Teach the World to Sing,” “Mean Joe Green,” “Have a Coke and a Smile,” “Polar Bears,” and now “Open Happiness” have kept the soda giant in the forefront for decades.

How did they come up with such creative ideas?  Brainstorming.

There are many benefits of a good brainstorming session, including:

  • Good Ideas... lots of them
    • A good brainstorming session will produce a long list of ideas.
    • Even if your best idea ends up being your original one, the other ideas can be used to enhance the original idea and/or create future marketing campaigns.
    • In other words, you can NEVER have too many ideas!
  • Get Un-Stuck
    • Brainstorming is an invaluable tool when you don’t have any ideas and are completely stuck on a problem.
    • Your session may start slowly, but if you follow the brainstorming guidelines (see download below), your team will generate good ideas.
  • Take Action
    • The brainstorming process will not only produce ideas, but it can also be used to help develop ideas into specific action steps.
  • Encourage Teamwork
    • Brainstorming within your company encourages teamwork and fosters a positive group dynamic where everyone is contributing to a common goal.
    • It is highly encouraged to include members of other departments within your organization.  Including others in the brainstorming process extends the teamwork and camaraderie throughout your entire company.
    • Great ideas can come from everywhere, and often from where you least expect.  Some of our best marketing ideas were generated by our IT Director’s contributions.  And the people you include will feel more connected to the marketing mission and be much more engaged in carrying it out.


The most productive and effective brainstorming sessions follow a process.  These simple rules and guidelines will help you and your marketing team maximize ideas and stay focused throughout your brainstorming session.  Click here to download our Guide to Effective Brainstorming.

Brainstorming Guide to marketing effectiveness

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