Mobile Marketing: How to Create an Effective Customer Engagement Plan

Posted by Alisa Bartash on May 15, 2013 at 9:19 AM

Where is your smartphone right now? If I had to
guess, it’s within an arm’s reach away – in your pocket,Mobile Marketing next to your keyboard on your desk, or in your purse.  Am I right?  Remember the feeling you had that one time (and it only happened once because now you triple check to make sure you have your phone before leaving the house…) you accidentally forgot your smartphone at home?  If you did, and you are like most people, you felt naked without it all day!  Even if you have never forgotten your smartphone, take a second to picture what it would feel like without it by your side…all day.

Here in the Washington DC area, as well as all around the country, people are attached to their smartphones like their heads are to their shoulders.  Our smartphones have become an extension of our bodies.  Business Insider recently posted an article about our relationship with smartphones and proclaimed:  “It’s Official: We’re addicted to our smartphones.”  And that’s why mobile marketing must be part of any successful integrated advertising campaign.  If you’re not utilizing mobile marketing or aren’t utilizing it to its fullest potential, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect and engage with your target audience.

Not convinced yet?  Even if you are convinced, these statistics will blow your mind:
    • By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Cisco)

    • By 2014, mobile internet usage will take over desktop internet usage. (Microsoft Tag)

    • Average smartphone usage grew 81 percent in 2012. (Cisco)

    • 99% of smartphone owners use their mobile browser at least once per day. (Source: Microsoft Tag)

    • 75% of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. (11 Mark)

    • There are 6.8 billion people on the planet; 4 billion use a mobile phone; only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush. (Social Media Today)

    • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. (Source: Microsoft Tag)

    • 1 in 8 page views are from mobile devices. (comScore)

    • 16.7 million mobile subscribers, including 76% of the smartphone owners, used location-based check-in. (comScore)

    • 73% of mobile searchers result in a call to a business. (Mobile Marketer)

Those statistics demonstrate the significance mobile devices have in our lives.  So as a marketer, utilizing the mobile space for advertising should be a no-brainer.  However, before you jump in, you need a plan.  There are key pieces of information you need to know in order to create and implement an effective mobile marketing campaign. That’s why we created a mobile marketing secret weapon:  22 Mobile Marketing Tips for Customer Engagement.  Whether you are just starting, or looking for ways to improve, this guide is a must-read for businesses and covers everything you need to know. You can (and should!) download it here.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Customer Engagement

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