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Monday Marketing Minute: Radio Reaches Millennials


Here's this week's DC Marketing Pro’s Monday Monday Marketing MinuteMarketing Minute, a weekly feature that provides interesting and insightful marketing information, written to be read in a “minute.”  We start off each week publishing a nugget about a marketing trend, an interesting marketing quote or relevant marketing article. 

Here is your June 24th Monday Marketing Minute:

According to recent research, the best marketing medium to reach millennials is radio.  This conclusion comes from research by Sequent Partners and the Media Behavior Institute.  Hillshire Farms enlisted these companies to determine how best to reach the next generation of Kielbasa consumers.

Radio had a 50% reach in the half hour before shopping, which was the strongest performance of any media.  The research determined that radio was the most effective medium to reach this target audience.  TV, internet, and social came in about 33%, with email and satellite radio even further behind.

Does this surprise you?  Or does it speak to radio’s everlasting value to advertisers as a powerful medium, especially just before point of purchase?

You can read the full report here.  We would like your opinion -  what do you think?  Post your comments below.  If you like the Monday Marketing Minute, subscribe to our blog and we will email this and other marketing articles directly to you.


It seems like millennials love the format of radio but are wanting it provided in an online format:  
They’re eight-time more likely to stream radio than older adults. And they’re twice as likely to stream radio on their mobile phones.  
I also found it interesting that “Radio comes out the strongest with 50% reach in the half hour before shopping — the strongest way to reach millennials,”.
Posted @ Monday, June 24, 2013 1:49 PM by Brian Hasenbauer
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