Monday Marketing Minute: Mobile Marketing in the Bathroom

Posted by DC Marketing Pro on July 15, 2013 at 9:19 AM

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Here is your July 15st Monday Marketing Minute:

Most of us are attached to our smartphones like they're an extension of our body.  We’re SO attached to them that we have can’t put them down for anything…including while we are in the bathroom!

A recent study found that 75 percent of American smartphone owners have used their phone while on the toilet. That’s right – we can’t even go to the bathroom without our smartphones.  On a side note, the same study also found that 19 percent of people have dropped their smartphone in the toilet.  While these statistics may have a negative implication for humanity, they are great for marketers! If you didn’t have motivation to begin or improve your mobile marketing before reading this article, you do now!

As marketing professionals, we’re always looking for the best ways to connect with our target audience. If this blog were just about methods to reach consumers in the bathroom, we would highlights other ideas like putting your logo on urinal cakes, posting ads on the back of stall doors, and strategically placing ads above bathroom sinks and urinals. However, this blog is about mobile marketing and the significant growth of this category. See our recent article that outlines important mobile research. Mobile marketing continues to grow because it works and should be built into every business’s marketing mix.

For more information about mobile marketing, we encourage you to download an eBook we published: 22 Mobile Marketing Tips for Customer Engagement. Whether you are just getting starting, or looking for ways to improve, this guide is a must-read for businesses and covers everything you need to know. If you like our Monday Marketing Minute and want to get it and other articles via email, subscribe to our blog here.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Customer Engagement

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