Monday Marketing Minute: Digital Banner Ads

Posted by DC Marketing Pro on August 26, 2013 at 9:49 AM

DC Marketing Pro's Monday Marketing MinuteDC Marketing Pro’s Monday Marketing Minute, is a weekly feature that provides interesting and insightful marketing information, written to be read in a “minute.”  We start off each week publishing a nugget about a marketing trend, an interesting marketing quote or relevant marketing article. 

Here is your August 26th Monday Marketing Minute:

Marketers are faced with an endless stream of advertising options, and technology is having an exponential effect on this growth. As technology provides us with additional ways to receive information, new advertising options come along with it. While there are many advertising options available today, digital display advertising is likely a tactic you are currently using or are considering. It is an effective way to reach your target audience at a reasonable price. 

Digital display ads are proving to be successful in making an impression on target consumers when the right creative is used and when the right audience is targeted. You will find CPMs that vary based on different factors (such as site, targeting, and demand), but in general, you will find reasonabe CPMs, which can allow you to purchase hundreds of thousands of impressions efficiently.   

Digital banner ads are an advertising option that can help your business reach its target audience. Because they are such an effective option to be considered in your marketing mix, we’ve written two articles that will help you adequately utilize digital display ads and will assist you in creating effective banner ads. So whether you’re already using them, or are looking to start a digital display ad campaign, check out these articles for more helpful information:

An effective marketing plan is different for every company, which is why we’ve published a free eBook, The Marketing Strategy Model. It will help any size business create a successful marketing plan based on your business’s specific needs and goals.  Download it today and be one step closer to marketing success.

Marketing Strategy Model

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