Monday Marketing Minute: Digital Banner Ads Still Work!

Posted by DC Marketing Pro on September 9, 2013 at 10:49 AM

DC Marketing Pro's Monday Marketing MinuteDC Marketing Pro’s Monday Marketing Minute, is a weekly feature that provides interesting and insightful marketing information, written to be read in a “minute.”  We start off each week publishing a nugget about a marketing trend, an interesting marketing quote or relevant marketing article. 

Here is your September 9th Monday Marketing Minute:

If you search Google for statistics about digital banner ads, don’t be shocked when within the first page of results you see articles titled “10 Horrifying Stats about Banner ads,” “Why Banner Ads are the Worst Form of Advertising” and “Troubles Ahead for Internet Advertising.” 

Is this to say that digital banner ads, despite all the information to the contrary, not be included in your company’s marketing mix?

To add to the list, a recent article published by the New York Times says that banner ads will completely disappear by 2018 due to the invention of adblocking technology.  The article states that the number of people using adblocking technology is growing at 43% per year.  

So should we be concerned that this is a real threat to digital display ads?  And that it will negatively affect this emerging category?

The answer is a resounding NO!  Adblocking software and technology has been around since the birth of internet advertising.  In fact, here is an article from 2006 where Information Week wrote about an “increase in consumer use of ad-blocking technology.”  That was 7 years ago!  In the world of the internet and technology, 7 years is a lifetime. 

Coupled with the fact that US spending on digital display ads has grown EVERY year, there is little factual evidence that this category of advertising is going anywhere anytime soon!  Here is an article by eMarketer that outlines the growth of banner ads.

If you were concerned about the inclusion of digital display advertising in your Washington DC marketing mix, don’t be!  There is an abundance of statistics to support the idea that digital banner ads don’t need to fear the reaper.  In fact, just the opposite.  They should not only be considered, but often included when creating an effective marketing strategy for your business.

Since every company in the Washington DC area should create their own unique marketing strategy, we’ve published a free eBook, The Marketing Strategy Model.  This guide will help you identify your marketing objectives and guide you through creating the best marketing strategy for your business.


Marketing Strategy Model

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