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New Rules Of Marketing #2: Make My Life Better


Beau Phillips's New Rules of MarketingBeau Phillips is a marketing specialist who advises leading companies.  In his new video, THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING, Beau explains the 8 pillars to successfully branding your company.  Over the next eight weeks, he will discuss each rule, starting with:


As a man who watches TV and listens to radio, I’m used to seeing and hearing car commercials.  Lots of TV and Radio commercials.  And we are subjected to a relentless assault of remarkably identical ads.  Each commercial is required to show shiny cars roaring across the Utah salt flats and winding through steep mountain roads.  Or let’s party at the dealership while exuberant shoppers dance and sing about 0% financing.  

C’mon, really?  

The sameness of car commercials is mind numbing. Still, major auto companies spend $1+ billion annually in hopes that you will ‘hurry in now for great deals.’ Only to be trumped next week by another Sell-A-Thon. For me, these car ads tend to neutralize each other – rather than stand out. Ford’s year end savings cancel out GM’s Labor Day sale.

Meanwhile, car companies ignore the most effective way to attract customers. Don’t sell me on your powertrain or 1” more legroom. I don’t care that your car is $100 less than a Camry.  Make me care! How will your car make my life better?

The best companies create real value. They anticipate our needs and solve our problems.  In the commoditized automobile industry, the focus should be on what distinguishes your car.  What is its key benefit? Is your car the cheapest? The most fuel efficient? Do I get free maintenance? Will the car park itself? Can I navigate the dashboard without reading a 100 page manual?

I tend to drive on city streets, not desolate salt flats.  I won’t be towing the space shuttle. So, before I head for your tent sale, make me love your car. Tell me how it will improve my life in a meaningful way.  

Write commercial that work.  What if car companies offered a 30 day free-trial period?  If you don’t love the car, return it for a full refund. Why not develop a fender that can withstand a 5mph impact without costing $1000 in body repair?  And can’t someone design mirrors that eliminate blind spots?

All is not lost, though. Chrysler vans built their reputation on cup holders. Then came back-up cameras and headrest video screens. The new 2014 Honda Odyssey has installed an in-car vacuum system. For any parent who’s picked Cheerios and wrappers from the backseat, this is brilliant! It says to parents ‘Honda gets me.’  And speaking of Honda, check out their amazing new spot called Hands:

Branding lesson #2.  Features vs. Benefits!  Stop selling me on your features - and start seducing me with benefits. All marketing campaigns must first address: Why do I need your product? Fed Ex is fast. WalMart has low prices. Las Vegas is fun. Coke refreshes. How does your product make my life better?    

For more information on the new rules of marketing and focusing on benefits, watch Beau's video, THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING.

For a link to pillar #1 on branding, click here.

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Marketing Strategy Model

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