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Posted by DC Marketing Pro on September 27, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Digital Reources You Need to ReadMore and more businesses in the Washington DC area are including digital in their marketing mix.  However, many of those digital marketing campaigns fall short of the expected results.  While there may be many reasons for this, it is often due to expectations and campaign measurement.  The reality is that digital advertising in DC is effective for many businesses, and the more informed you are as a marketing professional, the more successful you will be with a digital marketing campaign.

We have written many articles on digital advertising, but recently came across an informative article written by a partner of ours, The Center for Sales Strategy, that we wanted to share.

The article focuses on 3 important aspects of how to properly judge the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.  They also provide solutions to these common traps that advertisers naturally fall into when evaluating their digital marketing.  Click here to read the article, “Three Dirty Words of Digital Marketing Campaigns.”

In addition, we have written multiple articles on the subject of digital marketing campaigns.  Here are 5 articles that will help you with any digital marketing campaign:

With so many digital options, it can be difficult to decide which of them will help you the most. That’s why we published the free eBook, 10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Business Needs to Know.  It will make your job easier and save you time, in addition to providing you with insight on how to keep up with digital advertising trends.

10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Area Business Needs to Know

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