Monday Marketing Minute: Learn About Mobile Marketing from The Eagles

Posted by DC Marketing Pro on September 30, 2013 at 9:19 AM

DC Marketing Pro's Monday Marketing MinuteDC Marketing Pro’s Monday Marketing Minute, is a weekly feature that provides interesting and insightful marketing information, written to be read in a “minute.”  We start off each week publishing a nugget about a marketing trend, an interesting marketing quote or relevant marketing article. 

Here is your September 30th Monday Marketing Minute:

2013 is supposed to be the “year of mobile.”  However, a recent move by the Philadelphia Eagles does nothing short of confirming how important mobile is to consumers…and as a result, to your mobile marketing plan.

Lincoln Financial Field (where the Eagles play) has been made mobile-friendly through free Wi-Fi throughout the stadium.  Fans can more easily send pictures, post to social media, use the Eagles mobile app, and more.  In addition, they are providing in-stadium only features such as instant replays and special videos to encourage fans to buy tickets and actually go to games rather than watch them on TV.  Let’s face it: nowadays, most people expect free Wi-Fi wherever they go.  Not only do the Eagles want to keep fans happy and meet their expectations, but they really want to make money!  

As a marketing professional, you are thinking about the possibilities.  An integrated mobile marketing strategy works better with access to the internet.  As much as this service brings the fans additional access to the internet, it provides for unlimited mobile marketing opportunities. 

Even though this is happening in Philadelphia, you can be certain that it isn’t far behind for large public venues in Washington DC.  We have written multiple articles on mobile marketing in DC.  Here are a few that we recommend you read in order to help develop your integrated mobile strategy:

Mobile is growing and will continue to grow.  And it needs to be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. With so many digital resources, it can be hard to figure out which should be part of your digital marketing plan.  That’s why published the free eBook, 10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Business Needs to Know.  It will make your job easier and save you time, in addition to providing you with insight on how to keep up with digital advertising trends.


10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Area Business Needs to Know

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