New Rules Of Marketing #4: Be Remarkable

Posted by Beau Phillips on October 9, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Beau Phiilips's New Rules of MarketingBeau Phillips is a marketing specialist who advises leading companies.  In his new video,  THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING, Beau explains the 8 pillars to successfully branding your company.  Over eight weeks, he discusses one rule, continuing with:


Want to see a good video?  Of course not.  Who has time for anything that’s just good?

We want amazing.   

It’s hard to keep up with all of the messages, blogs, emails, tweets etc.   There is just too much to watch, read and know.  So, we subconsciously filter out everything that isn’t urgent or provocative.  We mentally sort things into two piles: great and not-great.  As a result, only the most remarkable things get remembered.   

It has never been easier to reach people.  But never more difficult to engage them.  We were once amused by cute kitten videos.  Now, it’s SharkNado.  To be noticed in 2013, you must be truly spectacular.

The iPad is remarkable.  AMC’s Breaking Bad is remarkable.  Self-parking cars are remarkable. The new movie Gravity is remarkable.  Copycat reality shows and promises of big savings are not. 

This attitude of “is it worth my time, or not?” has changed the game for advertisers.   Consumers are numb to me-too marketing.  We have been there – done that.   Now, people are holding out for exceptional.

What does work is making an emotional connection.  Teach me something.  Make me care, or laugh, or think.   Better yet, make me love your product. 

Engaging people starts with original, fresh ideas. Speaking of which, here is a new product that is remarkable.  It’s a music instrument that anyone can play…immediately.  It doesn’t require any music experience or training.  Watch the brief video on the left.

Branding Lesson #4   Breaking through the clutter requires a unique message.  Or a compelling offer.  Anything less simply falls into the abyss of ‘not worth my time’.  Want to engage people?  Innovate.  Nothing grabs attention faster than a big, provocative idea.   

For more information on the new rules of marketing and being a leader in your field, watch Beau's video, THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING.

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