A Mobile Marketing Trend and The Washington Redskins

Posted by Alisa Bartash on October 11, 2013 at 9:09 AM

Free Wi-Fi is coming to FedEx FieldIf you have read other posts of ours, we have proclaimed 2013 to be the year of mobile.  It is easy to say that since it seems like every day we see another example of its importance…and its relevance to marketing.  

Just last week we posted an article about how the Philadelphia Eagles are installing free Wi-Fi for fans throughout Lincoln Financial Field (where the Eagles play).  We went on to predict that the Washington sports team wouldn’t be far behind.  And we were right!

On Tuesday, NFL owners approved league funding for renovations to FedEx Field, with one of the renovations being the addition of Wi-Fi throughout the stadium.  This will provide a massive benefit to the fans, but more importantly to the Redskins…as this will provide them the opportunity to make even more money through mobile marketing and customer engagement programs. 

Once installed, fans will have quicker access to social media and communication apps on their smartphones, and will be able to access in-stadium only content.  Even though this will improve the fan experience (a buzz term in sports management), the clear winner is the team. Not only will this feature encourage more fans to attend games (which besides ticket prices, attendance drives concession revenue), but the team will be able to market and sell products and services to fans throughout the stadium. Once a game attendee connects to the Wi-Fi network the marketing possibilities are endless, from in-stadium only deals and discounts to special advertising messages and more. 

In a world where everyone expects free Wi-Fi wherever they go, this is a significant and important move for the team.  It demonstrates the importance of mobile marketing and advertising in the Washington D.C. metro area.  We will see more and more venues in Washington D.C. follow suit. 

As marketing professionals, we’re always looking for the best ways to connect with our target audience. Mobile marketing can connect you with your audience, easily open the doors to engagement with them, and can help turn consumers into your clients. Mobile marketing continues to grow and is more popular than ever because it works, which is why it should be built into every business’s marketing mix.  As 2014 approaches and you start creating your 2014 digital marketing strategy, mobile is a crucial element that should be included.

Mobile is growing and will continue to grow.  And it needs to be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. With so many digital resources, it can be hard to figure out which should be part of your digital marketing plan.  That’s why published the free eBook, 10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Business Needs to Know.  It will make your job easier and save you time, in addition to providing you with insight on how to keep up with digital advertising trends. 

10 Digital Resources Every Washington D.C. Area Business Needs to Know

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