New Rules Of Marketing #5: Promote Aggressively

Posted by Beau Phillips on October 16, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Beau Phiilips's New Rules of MarketingBeau Phillips is a marketing specialist who advises leading companies.  In his new video,  THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING, Beau explains the 8 pillars to successfully branding your company.  Over eight weeks, he discusses one rule, continuing with:

#5  Promote Aggressively

An interesting trend emerged in 2008, just before the U.S. slid into recession.  Companies embraced promotion as a powerful tool to create awareness, drive engagement and boost sales.  Beyond advertising their brand, companies stepped up their use of product placement, events, stunts, sponsorships, coupons and celebrity endorsements.  And it’s working for them.   

Promotions allow brands to target their customers and tap into their passions. Last spring, Red Bull captured the world’s imagination with the ‘jump from the edge of space’. Now, in a move to inject hipness into Dodge’s image, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgandy character is the faux-spokesperson for the Durango truck (while cross-plugging his film Anchorman 2). 

My company developed promotions for the launch of Nintendo’s Wii gaming system.  A good marketing strategy was to concede young, male gamers to Xbox and Playstation.  Nintendo’s new target was everyone - from 8 to 80.  So we developed promotions for music fans to play Wii against rock stars.  Meanwhile, (virtual) Wii bowling tournaments were held in senior centers across America.  And everyone in between.

Since 2008, promotional spending has eclipsed advertising.  And we are just seeing the beginning.  Mobile marketing integration will explode as companies experiment to reach consumers on their smart phones and tablets.  Mobile phone screens are small and aren’t great for display ads or pictures.  But the small screen is ideal for special offers, scan to win promotions, instant coupons and text-to-win contests.  

Branding Lesson #5   Brands get results from aligning with what their customers love.  What they’re passionate about.   Offer people a life experience.  Engage them with clever promotions.  When you fail to entertain, you fail.

For more information on the new rules of marketing and being a leader in your field, watch Beau's video, THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING.

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