Why Radio Advertising Should be Part of Your DC Marketing Mix

Posted by Matt Mills on October 18, 2013 at 9:29 AM

Washington DC Radio advertisingDCMarketingPro.com is a division of Hubbard Media, which owns radio stations and websites in multiple markets.  Here in Washington DC, Hubbard operates WTOP and WTOP.com, along with WFED and FederalNewsRadio.com.  Each year, we work with over 1,000 different advertisers.  All of our advertiser have unique marketing needs and all run unique marketing campaigns.  These campaigns include some combination of radio commercials, digital display ads, mobile advertising and webinars/panel discussions.

Some of the marketing options listed above are somewhat new and/or emerging, but on-air radio advertising continues to be the backbone of any effective advertising campaign.  Whereas many of our advertisers use a combination of our marketing assets, radio commercials are almost always a part of their marketing mix.  Why?  

Actually, the numbers tell the story:

  • Radio is listened to by everyone!
    • 92% of Americans listen to the radio each week
      • And across all ages:
        • Millennials (12-34) is 92%
        • Generation X (35-49) is 95%
        • Baby Bommers (50-64) is 94%
        • Silent Generation (65+) is 86%
  • They listen for a long time!
    • The average listener, spends 2 ½ hours a day listening to the radio
  • Radio advertisers in Washington DC works!
    • Each year, a total of just under $300 MILLION is spent on 22 different radio stations

Beyond the numbers, there are additional benefits:

  • Theater of the Mind
    • This is an invaluable marketing technique that works very effectively on radio.
      • We wrote an article that outlines the marketing benefits of this tactic.  Click here to read about theater of the mind and how you can use it in your marketing plan.
  • Cost
    • In order for advertising to be effective, you typically need to reach your target at least 3 different times.  One ad (on almost any medium) will not work.  In order to do this, your advertising campaign requires frequency
      • Frequency can get expensive, but radio is a cost-effective option
      • You have a lot radio stations to choose from, all with different audiences…both size and demographics
      • There is a radio station option for almost every business.
  • Targetability
    • As mentioned above, in Washington DC, there are about 20-25 radio stations that you can advertise on
    • Each of them deliver a different target audience
    • You can pick one or more stations that fit the target audience you seek and your advertising dollars will be spent more efficiently.
  • Production
    • The advertising message is the MOST important part of any effective marketing strategy
    • Radio advertising is no different.  Good creative will lead to good results
    • The cost of other “visual” advertising can often be expensive…with the cost increasing proportionately the better the ad gets
    • Radio stations write, produce and record effective commercials...all for free!

To learn more about how your business can benefit from including DC radio advertising in your marketing mix, contact us here.  We begin with a consultation to learn more about your unique marketing needs and then recommend solutions from there.

As for the numbers cited above, those statistics are provided by Nielson (formerly Arbitron) in their fall edition of Radio Today By The Numbers.  To learn more, click here to read the study.

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Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Every Washington DC Business Should Avoid

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