New Rules Of Marketing #6: Be Shareable

Posted by Beau Phillips on October 24, 2013 at 9:29 AM

Beau Phiilips's New Rules of MarketingBeau Phillips is a marketing specialist who advises leading companies.  In his new video,  THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING, Beau explains the 8 pillars to successfully branding your company.  Over eight weeks, he discusses one rule each week in this continuing series.

#6 Be Shareable

My local hardware store wants me to like them on Facebook.  Huh?   When I need light bulbs, I like them.  Otherwise, I don’t feel any emotional connection. The hardware store figures that everyone else is doing it, so why not me? 

It begs the question: “What is the value of being liked?”  If you like everything, nothing is special. 

However, if you’re loved, you get shared - and that’s marketing heaven.  The ultimate goal is to inspire sharing that goes viral, launched into the social media jet stream.  

People trust their friends’ opinions more than anything.  So when they share something with you, it comes with an implied endorsement. And that shared message is far more effective (and cheaper) than any advertisement.

There seems to be a pattern of what content gets shared the most - things that are:

Branding Lesson #6 The most powerful shared content is contagious.  So, be provocative. Be Disruptive. And Be Loved.

For more information on the new rules of marketing and being a leader in your field, watch Beau's video, THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING.

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