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Posted by DC Marketing Pro on November 15, 2013 at 9:39 AM

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I only have 30 seconds so I’m going to say as many words as will fit!

Everyone likes to get the biggest bang for their buck.  Unfortunately, too many companies try to institute this practice in their marketing.  One of the biggest marketing mistakes we see Washington DC advertisers making is trying to convey everything about their product or service in their marketing.  Whether it is in a magazine, online display ad, radio or television commercial, marketers continue to think that the best way to get the biggest bang for their buck is to include as many words as space allows. The opposite is actually true.

The expression “less is best” has many applications, marketing being one of them.  The human brain can only focus on and remember so many things.  Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book Blink that every 72 hours, the average consumer forgets 92% of everything they see and hear.  Your goal:  get into the 8%!  The more you include in your marketing message, the more likely you are to have to the most important part of your message lost. 

Keep it simple.  Determine the most important element of your marketing and then focus your messaging on that one point.  Look at GEICO, one of the largest insurance companies and one of the largest advertisers in this country.  Their message is simple:  GEICO can save you 15% or more on your car insurance.  All of their ads are built around ONE simple concept.

Next, decide what your call to action is and keep that simple, too.  Think about the easiest way for your target customers to connect with you.  If it is directing them to your website, stick with that call to action in all of your marketing.  If you want them to call you, stick with that.  But choose ONE, and keep it simple. 

When doing online marketing, the same concept applies.  In general, online display ads are either designed to drive traffic to your site or create awareness.  In either case, keep them simple.  If you want to create awareness, a busy ad will not get attention and your attempt at branding will suffer.  If you want your audience to click through to your site, don’t give away the farm.  Design your ad to encourage the click.  You don’t need to include all relevant information in your ad; you just need enough to get your target to click on your ad.

This article is an excerpt from our eBook Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Every Washington DC Business Should Avoid.  Creating the best marketing strategy for your Washington DC area business isn’t easy and the last thing any marketer wants to do is make a common marketing mistake. That’s why we’ve created this eBook.  It walks you through the most common marketing and advertising mistakes and explains how to avoid them. Download the Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Every Washington DC Business Should Avoid and make your marketing more effective today.

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Every Washington DC Business Should Avoid

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