Every Marketing Plan Needs An Effective Tracking System

Posted by DC Marketing Pro on January 13, 2014 at 9:39 AM

washington dc marketing strategyI just have a feeling it’s not working.

One of the most important aspects of a good marketing plan is tracking.  You need to understand what is working and what isn’t.  Unfortunately, many advertisers in the Washington DC area don’t have an effective system in place to secure this information.  Here is a list of some of the things you should be considering:

  • If you are using a phone number, who is responsible for answering?  Is the person answering invested in getting the answers YOU want about the advertising?
    • Can a caller leave a message?  If so, who collects that message and once collected, how is that lead tracked (to advertising)?
  • If someone goes to your website as a result of your marketing, is there an obvious connection to what you were advertising?  If you are advertising a special offer, is that special offer CLEARLY visible on the home page?  If someone has to search or click around for what you marketed, you will lose a potential customer.
    • Are you able to track the website traffic against the non-digital ads you are running?
    • Can you build an element into your website offer to track the advertising?
      • If someone sees or hears your ad and then goes to Google, what will they find?  Have you purchased keywords that can be clicked on and thus give the advertising “credit”?
  • Do you have an online form on your website?  Once completed, where does it go?  How are you asking for information about where they heard about you?
    • Are you providing a list of all the advertising you do? Are you specifically listing the websites, TV or Radio stations, etc.?  Doing this will help make your responses more accurate.
      • Remember, the consumer doesn’t care about your questions.  They want to get on to business.  They will write down or answer anything to just move on.  By giving them the options, you make it EASY for them to answer the question correctly.

You need to train all employees who will be dealing with prospective customers.  They need to understand where you are marketing and they need to be trained on the right questions to ask in order get the right information back.  

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Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Every Washington DC Business Should Avoid

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