Social Media’s Importance in B2B Marketing

Posted by Alisa Bartash on January 14, 2014 at 10:19 AM

Washington DC Social Media MarketingIf you’re a B2B marketer in the Washington DC area, you’ll want to know about this! A new study released by IDG Connect concluded that social media is increasingly important for B2B marketers and its importance in decision-making is steadily on the rise. Especially for IT purchase decisions – the IDG study found that 86% of B2B IT buyers use social media networks in their decision-making process.

In addition, IDG predicts that the power of the B2B buyer will strengthen in 2014 and advices:

“New channels and technology have increased buyers’ buying power over the past number of years. It has developed new buying behaviors and traits. With content more readily available, it has allowed buyers to make decisions before entering the buying process. This buying power will continue to strengthen this year. Collaboration between buyers through online forums and online reviews will play a factor in this. This makes it crucial for b2b marketers to understand their buyer’s behavior through their decision process.”

Even though the influence of social media is increasing, it is not the only factor in the decision-making process. Many buyers are still placing a high value on editorial and educational content, such as whitepapers, webinars and panel discussions, which demonstrates the power of combining these elements with social media. Repurposing your content through social media is very powerful and can be an effective way to positively position your company within the marketplace.

As the marketplace evolves, so should your Washington DC area business. As social media grows and changes, sometimes at a pace that seems difficult to keep up with, it is important that your Washington DC area business stays up-to-date. Be aware of how your target audience is using social media to make purchasing decisions that directly affect you and the role social media needs play in your marketing strategy. This will help you create a social media marketing strategy that will positively impact your business.

Every Washington DC area business requires its own marketing strategy and marketing mix that fits its unique needs and will reach its target audience. To help you develop a successful marketing plan, we’ve created this free eBook:

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