Is Radio Part of Your DC Marketing Mix? If not, it should be!

Posted by Alisa Bartash on January 22, 2014 at 5:09 PM

Washington DC Marketing MixWith an overwhelming number of marketing and advertising options available, have you considered all viable options for your Washington DC area business’s marketing strategy? These days, the focus of most advertisers tends to be more on digital advertising opportunities that other, more traditional media.  This is not surprising, since taking advantage of emerging opportunities before your competitors do is the goal of any good marketing director.  However, in your quest to stay “cutting edge,” don’t dismiss effective options that fall into the more “traditional” bucket.  In order to make an educated marketing decision, you need to consider all advertising options before you are able to create the best marketing mix for you company.

For example, have you considered using radio as part of your marketing mix? 

Radio is a very effective way to reach your target audience, and provides an option that likely fits into your Washington DC area business’s budget.  An article published by the online publication AdvertisingAge describes how radio has evolved and what sets it apart from newer formats:

“Radio has also evolved a lot to compete with digital platforms like Pandora and iTunes. On-air jokes turn into trending topics, rare tracks are purchased at red lights and rural backchannels make Reddit's front page…As much as we talk about the phone being the second screen to TV and how our audience is multitasking, it's more plausible to think about looking at your phone and listening to the radio at the same time. It's also a lot more interactive than TV. You can call in to shows, do shout-outs, make requests -- pretty interactive! As formats like Vine, Instagram Video and Cinemagram show, even with zero time restraints, people still are attracted to digestible nibbles of content, a fact that should only make 10-, 15- and 30-second radio spots more enticing.”

For advertisers that are hyper-focused on digital, radio provides them with a unique opportunity:  integrated marketing.  Start with a targeted radio campaign, aligning your product and message with the correct station and format, and then extend your exposure through digital opportunities that radio station can provide.

In Washington DC, there are over 20 radio stations you can purchase advertising on.  Each format provides a different target and a unique environment for your commercial message.  Often “radio” evokes the perception of music.  While that is the case for about 75% of radio stations, the other 25% are some form of talk -  All News, News Talk, Sports Talk, etc.  The radio stations that don’t play songs are typically more foreground, where listeners are actively engaged with the words on the radio.  These formats tend to perform very well for advertising that is more direct response driven.

Music radio stations tend to perform well for more of the branding, imaging or awareness-building.  Aligning your commercial message with these stations can provide you a positive association with that format and your target audience. 

As technology has evolved, so have the digital opportunities on radio.   Integrated radio programming that has on-air and online components, trending topics and the extended reach of on-air programming makes radio a very effective advertising option. 

Another benefit of radio and another reason why it should be considered as part of your Washington DC area business’s marketing mix is its trackability. Incorporating radio into your integrated marketing strategy can produce positive results, and you can track those results with an effective advertising measurement system. Being able to track ROI with radio is easier than one might think and it is a very powerful advantage over other media.

For more information about radio advertising and why it should be part of your Washington DC marketing mix, read this article we recently published.

Every Washington DC area business requires its own marketing strategy and marketing mix that fits its unique needs and will reach its target audience. To help you develop a successful marketing plan, we’ve created this free eBook:

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