Integrated Marketing Campaigns Include an Effective Logo

Posted by Matt Mills on February 24, 2014 at 8:39 AM

Washington DC Marketing StrategyFor most businesses, the logo is the first contact a person has with your company.  For that reason, advertisers and marketers spend a lot of time and money to create a great logo.

A successful advertising campaign is the ultimate goal, but a common theme we reiterate in our articles is that there are many elements that need attention in order to create the best marketing strategy for your Washington DC area business.

I recently saw a video about subliminal messages that you probably never knew existed in corporate logos that you are very familiar with. Companies such as Fed Ex, Baskin Robbins, LG, and more have hidden messages built into their logos.  Click here to watch the short video about these hidden messages in famous logos.

Not all businesses need a logo that contains a subliminal message.  However, part of your overall marketing message begins with your logo.  Many believe the face of a company or organization is its logo.  And since a logo is often the first impression of a business,  a good logo can go a long way in building loyalty and helping establish brand identity.  Unfortunately, the opposite can be true of a bad logo.

A strong logo should be part of any integrated marketing plan.  We recently wrote an article about how to make a logo an effective element of your marketing.  Click here to read the article and to learn how an effective marketing strategy includes a good logo.

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