The Marketing Psychology of an Effective Logo

Posted by Matt Mills on March 6, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Washington DC Marketing and AdvertisingThis is a follow up to our article posted last week about your logo being an important part of your integrated marketing strategy.

We just stumbled upon an article that highlights a common theme in all fast food logos.  Have you ever noticed that the logos of fast food companies all have a similar theme?

The consistent them is the colors...specifically red and yellow. Take a look for yourself.  I just spent some time on Google and I couldn’t find one current fast food logo that did not contain either red or yellow…and most of them had both colors! 

According to Karen Haller, a color consultant, the color red triggers stimulation, appetite and hunger.  Yellow triggers happy and friendly feelings. 

In daylight, yellow is the most visible color, which makes sense when you think about how far away you can see McDonalds golden arches.

The website wrote a story on this topic and has many of the fast food logos posted for you to see.  Click here to see the article and images.  While there, check out their website for help in the design of your logo.  They have links to hundreds of well known logos.  They outline the history of many corporate logos, including breaking down design elements like the shape, colors, and font.

For most businesses, the logo is the first contact someone has with your company. 
Many believe the face of a company or organization is its logo.  A logo is often the first impression of a business, and a good logo can go a long way in building loyalty and helping establish brand identity.  Unfortunately, the opposite can be true of a bad logo.

A successful advertising campaign is the ultimate goal, but as we have written about, there are many elements that need attention in order to create the best marketing strategy.

A strong logo should be part of any integrated marketing plan.  We recently wrote an article about logos.  Click here to read more about how to make a logo an effective element of your marketing strategy.

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