What's a Good Click-Through Rate for my PPC Ad in DC?

Posted by Matt Mills on April 22, 2014 at 3:39 PM

Click Through Rate

An advertising campaign is all about return on investment (ROI), and your DC click-through rate will help you gauge your conversion rate, or the number of customers you draw in through ads. But you have to measure an ad’s effectiveness, and to do that, you need to know how to measure click-through rates.

What are click-through rates?

The click-through rate is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of impressions generated. Impressions are the number of times the ad appears on a page. So, if an ad appears on a page 1,000 times and receives 20 clicks, it has a click-through rate of two percent.

Understanding click-through rates

The click-through rate is an indicator of how relevant the ad is to the customers and the target market. For instance, if an ad is receiving 10,000 impressions and no clicks, then something is lost in translation.

Here are some factors that impact the click-through rate of Pay Per Click ads:

  • Audiences and targeting
  • Brand or non-branded
  • Whether the ad is geared toward other businesses or consumers
  • Ad copy's creative messaging and design
  • The kind of offer advertised
  • URL Displayed
  • Industry competitiveness

So what's a good Washington DC click-through rate for Pay Per Click?

Most experts agree that for a beginner a click-through rate of two percent is a good goal to shoot for. There is no concrete number for click-through rates because the ultimate goal is ROI, so it's just a ballpark figure.

For less competitive industries a click-through rate of five percent or higher might be achieved. The average click-through rate is higher for less competitive industries because customers have fewer choices, which means your ad should show up more and have more clicks as well.

When it comes to your DC click-through rate, there are a number of things to consider. Remember that Washington DC is one of the most competitive regions in the United States, and any good marketing strategy will take time to be effectively implemented. Work with your marketing team and a PPC expert to buid an integrated marketing plan that includes the best click-through rate DC has to offer.

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