From Bus Stop to SmartPhone: How to Integrate Online and Offline Advertising in DC

Posted by Matt Mills on April 30, 2014 at 9:09 AM

Integrated Online and OfflineIntegrating offline and online advertising takes a bit of work and creativity. However, the results are more than worth it. An integrated marketing plan has the potential to not only get more attention from potential clients but also increase your ad conversion rate.

Following are four tips on how to integrate mobile strategy in print, TV and radio commercials in DC. These tips can be adapted for use by a wide variety of businesses and do not cost much money to implement.

1.) QR Codes

While many advertising experts do not think highly of QR codes, the fact remains that they are a very effective way of not only integrating advertising but also tracking the effectiveness of your printed ads.

A QR code can be placed on any type of paper advertisement. Smartphone owners can scan the code and immediately visit the advertiser's website. If you create a specific landing page for the QR code (instead of referring people to your home page), people will easily find what you are advertising.

You can even create a different QR code and landing page for each of your billboards to see which one is most effective in generating sales.

2.) Hashtags

Hashtags started out as being solely a Twitter fad. But in recent years, they have grown and are now an effective way of driving offline ad viewers to your business website or social media site. Hashtags can be displayed in print or on TV advertisements and used in radio commercials. People can then follow the conversation linked to your particular product on Twitter and forms of social media.

3.) Teaser Ads

You can use your offline ads to arouse curiosity and make people want to visit your site. Display a catchy phrase.

For instance, post something like "How big of a discount can you get on X?" on a bus stop, and then direct the curious readers to a customized landing page with the answer. Ads of this nature are sure to catch the interest of many people, even those who don’t have a smartphone. They’ll take note of your website and find out for themselves.

4.) Advertise Your Use of Mogl and Foursquare in Your Print Ads

Mogl and Foursquare may not get as many visitors as Twitter and Facebook, but they are important social media outlets because they enable you to reach those in your immediate vicinity. When you create printed advertisements or TV ads, be sure to prominently display information related to your business' Mogl or Foursquare account. People can then access either their Mogl or Foursquare app, find out more about what you have to offer and even place an immediate order, make a reservation or contact you for further information.

An effective marketing strategy does not have to cost much money to implement. All you need to do is:

  • Create custom landing pages for the printed or broadcast advertisements
  • Determine what type of special deal or incentive you want to give those who visit your online
  • Run your integrated ads
  • Track the results

If you integrate your ads properly, you will see both your online and offline conversion rates grow. You will also gain greater insight into the effectiveness of your printed ads and thus be able to tweak these so that they are even more effective. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by an integrated marketing plan.


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