5 Essential Elements That Make Banner Ads Convert

Posted by Matt Mills on May 22, 2014 at 4:19 PM

Banner Ad That ConvertsIf you're developing an online marketing strategy or considering revamping an existing one, the question "Do banner ads work?" has undoubtedly came across your mind. If you keep up with the latest news in online marketing, there are varying answers to the question. For example, one of the ideas presented at the 2013 Content Marketing Summit is that banner ads are no longer relevant and should be replaced with content.

On the flip side, a survey by Nielsen, a leader in global consumer research company, indicates another very important perspective. According to the most recent Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising, consumer trust in banner ads has nearly doubled in the past six years, and the level of trust is forecasted to increase.

So, should banner ads be a part of your online marketing strategy? Absolutely.

Banner advertising effectiveness has been repeatedly acknowledged. However, just placing an ad on your website is not enough. You have to do some homework to overcome a significant obstacle and obtain the effectiveness of banner ads.

According to a survey by Infolinks, banner blindness is a huge problem that marketers have to overcome when using banners on their website. Banner blindness refers to a consumer automatically ignoring the presence of a banner. What is the secret to overcoming banner blindness and creating successful banner ads?

The following are five tips for effective advertising banner generation that you can use to get users to click your ads:

1.) Appeal to Your Target Market

The most important step you can take in generating a clickable banner is to make sure it speaks to your target market. Research, understand, and appeal to their needs. Think about what they want, and what you can provide them.

2.) Add a Little Tease

One example is to tell people about the value of the click, or give them a reason to click. An excellent price, new product, improved product, and valuable service are examples of teasers that you can add to your banner to generate sufficient interest to click the banner.

3.) Be Creative

A banner ad that is unique in content, design, and placement is one way to get the attention of the viewer.Your willingness to go beyond the norm can also make viewers curious about your product or service. Research the latest ideas for banner ads or come up with your own.

4.) Get to the Point

You have only a short time to get the attention of your target market. Your ad must be as succinct as possible. If you know your target market is more responsive to animated video, by all means add one--just keep it short and to the point.

5.) Call to Action

Successful banner ads have a call to action, implied or otherwise, that speaks to the viewer. Tell the viewer what they can expect on the other side of the banner. Is it just information? An instant reward? You can add your tease to get them interested, but make sure they know what to expect. If the end result is not what they expect, you may lose their trust.

Remember to Keep it Simple

Choose to keep it simple when creating and placing your banner ads. It doesn't matter how interesting and valuable your banner ad, if the reader is confused about what to do, they may give up and abandon your website entirely. Once you have your banner in place, test it with a few people.

After you place your banner ad, don’t rest on your laurels. Banner ads that work can become stale and cause people to lose interest. Monitor the results and make changes as necessary.

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