Effective Social Media Marketing From Adidas At The World Cup

Posted by Matt Mills on July 9, 2014 at 2:09 PM

Social Media MarketingEven if you are not a soccer fan, you probably caught some degree of World Cup fever.  With team USA’s run in the tournament and their advancement to the knockout stage, the World Cup and soccer has received a lot of attention in this country since the event began on June 12th.

From an advertising standpoint, the world’s biggest sporting event provided us marketers plenty to be intrigued by.  From the lack of TV commercials during the game, to the in-stadium signage that makes up for the lost advertising in the game, to the choreographed and pre-planned cleats the players wore based on the contracts they had with manufacturers like Nike, Adidas and Puma.  For example, players sponsored by Puma wore two different color shoes…a baby blue version on one foot and a pinkish color on the other.  Even the casual fan noticed that, and Puma received massive exposure and brand building as a result.

However, in this World Cup (more so than 4 years ago), the biggest difference was probably social media marketing.  Social marketing played a much bigger role than ever before…including the recently held Olympics.  And from all reports, Adidas may have won the social marketing battle.  If they did, they did so because of an integrated marketing plan that they outlined 6 months in advance!

Adidas created an hour-by-hour calendar of what COULD happen at the World Cup and when.  Adidas gathered thousands of images and hundreds of videos that would be relevant to what COULD happen. Then posted hundreds of thousands of tweets that were relevant to the action on and off the field.

Their integrated marketing strategy worked!  Ad Age reports that Adidas was the most talked about brand on Twitter during the World Cup.  They generated 1.6 million tweets and replies so far (and as of writing this article, the semi-finals and finals had yet to be played).

There is a lot to be learned about social media marketing here in DC, even though the Adidas example was executed on a more worldwide basis.  Read more about Adidas’ social media strategy here.

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