Three Public Relations Practices To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Robin Newton on July 23, 2014 at 9:19 AM

Marketing StrategyYour Washington DC based company has a brilliant marketing strategy and what you think should have been a successful advertising campaign that targeted the perfect market, but you gained zero new business.  Why?  Your public relations might need a boost.  PR is important to the effectiveness of your integrated marketing strategy and when done properly it cannot hurt your business…it can only help.  It is said that Bill Gates once stated, “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!”  This quote, speaks to the value public relations communication can add to your company’s growth. 

Public Relations Practices That Will Enhance Your Washington DC Marketing Strategy:

Engage Publicly

This is an easy but often forgotten practice.  The public, target consumers and non-target-consumers, should have the ability to easily engage with company decision makers.  This makes them feel included and valued.  Open up an online forum when a new product is introduced.  Start a weekly Q&A hour on twitter that allows for inquiries to be answered promptly.  Hold a meet and greet with company stakeholders.  Find creative ways to interact and engage with the public.     

Promote the Positive

In today’s global society the little things matter.  The market place is overcrowded and consumers have access to more information than ever before.  Use this to your advantage by promoting positive information about your company and products.  If your CEO wins an award, don’t hesitate to distribute a press release to the masses announcing the news.  If employees volunteer their time to feed the homeless or donate school supplies to children, take photos during the volunteer event and socialize those photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  It could go viral.

Confront Adversity

In my opinion, of all the public relations practices this is the most difficult.  Adversity can be anything that hinders your company from growth or profitable ROI from an effective marketing strategy.  Some may think it’s best to just let negative situations ride themselves out.  However, I say confront the beast head on.  Don’t let these situations fester especially when the solution might be simple and easy.  Brainstorm with your marketing and communications team to create ways to rebuild your public position.  If necessary, don’t be afraid to release an apology statement with a list of initiatives that your company will implement to correct the current situation and prevent reoccurrences.  Remember, the public will not forget until their inquiries are put to rest.    

Your public relations practices don’t have to be elaborate but they should be well thought-out, accurate, and sincere.  Strategize with your team on what to say and how to say it best.  Never release false information because the public will find out.  Remember the public can be your friend or your worst enemy and when it comes to your marketing strategy, it’s better to have them as a friend.  

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